The The51 believes that financial feminism means investing in the world we want to live in – a world where women have equal ability to succeed in business and investment, accumulate wealth and contribute economically. We have invested just over $3 million in female founders in Canada and around the world who are building new, innovative female-driven business models. From blockchain to ecommerce, these companies are driving the next female powered economic wave.


YR Plans

YR Plans develops workplace solutions that enable workers to achieve their best financial future. They are Canada’s digital solution for employer assisted student loan repayment. Pioneering a new type of employee benefit for the Canadian workplace, they equip employers with a powerful recruitment and retention tool.



The Upside

The Upside is Canada’s leading online luxury reseller, providing the widest selection of over 200+ authenticated designer brands. They offer an intuitive, rewarding platform for conscious luxury consumers with a focus on quality labels in ‘like-new’ condition, current styles at a fraction of the retail price, and a white-glove selling experience and unmatched commission structure.



The Riveter

The Riveter sees a world in which equity of opportunity is a reality, not merely a promise, and they strive to work with others who share their ideas. While devout in their mission to serve women in their work, they are inclusive of all. They are built by women, for everyone. Through their best-in-class events and programming, flexible memberships and collaborative workspaces, The Riveter is working to champion and elevate the conversation about diversity, equity and inclusion in work and in business.



The Helm

The Helm is a lifestyle brand and fund committed to elevating and investing in female entrepreneurs. They are creating a more equitable world by making capital work for women on both sides of the table. Their fund and platform work symbiotically to elevate and invest in female-led innovation, creating a flywheel effect that makes investing in women effective, impactful and accessible.




Swirltex builds custom waste water treatment systems for a wide range of applications. The unique membrane system separates solids and liquids based on buoyancy, allowing for higher production rates and higher quality effluent. The ability to manipulate the buoyancy of contaminants within the liquid stream allows Swirltex to treat a wide range of wastewater types that would otherwise not be re-usable. In addition, the system consumes a fraction of the energy compared to conventional water treatment methods.




Ten times stronger than steel, but lighter than water. These are the world's toughest pantyhose. Sheertex® are indestructible, life-proof, rip-proof, lightweight, ultra lightweight, anti-microbial, cut-proof and have a reinforced toe.




SalonScale Technology Inc. Created by stylists, for stylists, the female-led company launched in 2018 and has gained a platform of over 1000 users within North America, and growing rapidly. By providing smart technology solutions and digital tools to help salons succeed. The SalonScale App, paired with a complementary Bluetooth scale and web dashboard, help salons manage product usage by calculating the exact cost of every bowl of color measured in real-time, all while tracking what products come out of your color bar, down to the gram.



Rewatt Power

Rewatt power has created the most advanced sensor to cash platform that will help manage your generation assets and get the most return out of them. Rewatt power utilizes site aggregation for smaller generators, along with their proprietary distributed ledger (blockchain) technology, to transact on any service – saving significant time, costs and effort throughout the full-cycle process. These transactions are automatic, irrefutable, and verifiable, and their validation tools create an easily auditable process.




Lilia makes it easier for women to get fertility information about their bodies, the science, and their options. Lilia will provide an at-home test that measures hormone levels that help to measure the ovarian reserve, assess the likelihood of egg freezing and IVF success and predict the age of menopause. While similar tests are available from other labs and clinics, Lilia envisions creating a resource hub by connecting hopeful parents with fertility specialists and, as the company grows, providing online information on how to navigate reproductive issues.




IOVIA is a participation company. They partner with brands to drive growth and create new ways of doing business. Their vision is to fundamentally change the way the world’s most loved brands work with and value their consumers. They call this Participation Commerce.